How to beat stress

This is not the normal post I write, but it does fall under health and fitness in every way!
This morning inspired me to write this. Wednesdays and Fridays I work from home. I know that as a full time working mum, I am lucky to be able to do this, but it is soooo stressful. To be honest I find most days stressful in some way. I think some people have the ability to cope with stress and others don't. I certainly fall under the don't cope well! I have got quite alot of my plate though. I work full time in quite a stressful sales job that requires a fair amount of travelling, I have the on line shop, the shop itself and a 20 month old. I don't help myself though, I add new things just to make me that bit busier, such as this little blog and I am also training for a marathon. I often don't realise how stressed I am, until I flip out over the most simple things. I am also quite grumpy at work and tend to rant quite a bit!
This morning things just got on top of me. I was trying to answer my e-mails, take calls and Scarlett wanted me to play. I have instant messaging on my computer, I need it so that that I can quickly talk to the office, but people really take advantage of it and use it as a way of getting my instant attention when an e-mail would have been more than adequate. I try and ignore it, but that constant "bleep bleep" along with the flashing icon is really hard to ignore, you also don't know if it's important. Scarlett was jumping on my knee, just wanting mummy to play. Then the guilt kicks in, " I should be giving her more attention". E-mails were coming in thick and fast and I just exploded! my heart was beating fast and I felt sick. I hate feeling like this. I closed the computer for 20 minutes and gave Scarlett my un-divided attention and calmed down. I know alot of people suffer with stress and anxiety, so I thought I'd put down my top tips!
  1. Exercise! I cannot emphasis how important this is! Exercise is the biggest, natural stress buster. Everyone is different, I enjoy running and I get a major high post run. The release of endorphins is a natural high. It also gives me time to reflect and think of new ideas. Many people hate running, there are so many other low impact things you can do yoga, pilates, cycling, dancing...whatever your bag is. Don't be lazy, just do it! You WILL feel better and of course there are all of the other major health benefits that go come with exercise.
  2. Listen to music. Simple, but effective. Everyone has emotions and memories linked to music. Try and keep to hand a few tunes on your ipod that remind you of happy, chilled times, maybe holidays? I love my 80s music. As a 70s born baby, I was brought up on 80s, a great childhood reminder. A bit of Club Tropicana cheers me right up!
  3. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3. You buy this in most health food shops. It is a natural anti-depressant. IT DOES WORK! I have tried and tested it. Please, please be careful with the dosage. My understanding is that it very high dosages cannot actually harm you (but I am not a doctor, so don't take my word for this), however, I would recommend a higher dosage that your average Holland and Barratt dose. I tried it. I bought a very high dosage, 10,000mg, recommended RDA for women 14mg. It is known as the "blushing" drug and it makes you flushed in high doses. I can confirm it makes you blush. It made me blush so much that I had to go to A&E as my whole body felt like it was on fire, like the most extreme sunburn. As I said it does have a natural high, so I sat giggling for 2 hours in A&E at my own stupidity! Not wanting to put you off, but in normal dosages it is very beneficial. A natural anti-depressant.
  4. Take control of a situation. Stress is often about not being in control. What is it you are not in control of? Take you take control back from the situation? If this is not possible, do something else that has been at the back of your mind that it adding to your stress, as simple as it is. It could be tidying a cupboard out, or paying a bill. You will feel better!
  5. Turn off all forms Skype, texts anything which makes you too easily accessible.
  6. Read a book.
  7. Do something creative. Even if you are rubbish at it! Try taking photographs, painting a picture or even baking!
    8. Start a blog! What better way of expressing yourself, talking about the things you enjoy, make new   friends and get rid of all of your frustrations than by writing a blog!
   9. Call a friend! A good gossip and moan about how you are feeling it fantastic, free therapy!
  10. My all time favourite GO SHOPPING!!! Treat yourself to something that you have wanted for ages and will make you feel special!!!

Hope some of these tips work. I really do believe that life is more stressful these days. There is so much pressure on women to be able to do everything. Multi-tasking is a must for the average women. Also, the fact that we are so easily accessible, makes is difficult to ever get away. Therefore, we need to make a conscious decision that we will not get stressed.


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