Dress to impress-my top tips to looking good at work

I am convinced everything is more difficult for a woman. Men just do the task in hand and that is all they have to think about. Women have think about the task in hand and a million and one other things. At my Weight Watchers meeting a couple of weeks ago, the stand in leader was male. He made a good point that I thought was really true. He said that it is easier for men to loose weight. They don't consider other factors, just the fact that they want to loose weight. Whereas women have to think about everything else, like what shall I feed the kids, husband etc. Men are generally more selfish. I don't mean all men, my husband isn't selfish at all, but if he is determined to do something he will do it no matter what. Whereas women tend to put other things first. Anyway, I digress! My point was that women nowadays feel a pressure to be good at everything. Work, family, cooking etc. They are also expected to look good whilst doing everything!
At work is no exception. In fact quite the opposite. Women want to give an image of being successful. Dressing well and being groomed give women more self confidence in the work place.
We see this in programs like The Apprentice. The "business women" on there are immaculate. All styled in Leboutins and Mulberry. I work in an office and have regular meetings with clients, so most of my wardrobe is work wear. I always struggle a bit as I like my clothes and sometimes feel that I am "over dressed" and a bit too groomed. I like to wear heels, but again, worry that I come across a bit of a bimbo! I generally wear dresses as I'm just not a trouser person. I  like dresses which go down to my knee. There is nothing worse than having a dress that rides up and feeling self conscious.
So here are my top tips for feeling confident and looking good when dressing for work:
  • Feel comfortable! You do not want to be distracted from your work or meeting because you are conscious that you skirt is too short or your tummy is sticking out. Wear an outfit that fits well and don't have to think that there is any part of you that you don't like popping out.
  • Cover boobs up! It is not a good look! How can anyone expect to be taken seriously if you have your boobs hanging out of your clothes? Would you be distracted if a man you were meeting with had his penis out? I know I would! Also, what is that saying about you? Maybe that you aren't that great at your job that you have to use sex to get you what you want? Boobs are to be left out of the board room!
  • Simple and elegant is always best. You want people to take you seriously, if you have a fluffy, feather, fou fou top on it is going to take the attention away from what you are saying and all attention will be on what you are wearing.
  • I am going to slightly contradict myself here, but wear something that is you. Tone it down if you generally feel comfortable to short Lycra neon, but at the same time if you do not like wearing dresses, don't wear one.
  • Shoes are important. Epic heels can look nice, but you have to be able to walk in them. Otherwise you are going to just look clumsy and draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons.
Here are a few of my favourite work dresses:

Paper Doll Dress-(coming soon to stock)
Little Mistress Black and White Bodycon dress

FCUK Black Dress

What do you like to wear for work? I'd love to see your favourite work outfits:-)


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