From Heff to Hottie-week 3

I had small panic last night as I had a cheeky pre weigh in the night before my official weigh in. I shouldn't do it, but I can't help myself. I am the type of person who has to see her presents before Christmas and struggles keeping any news quiet. I was beyond disappointed when the scales said that I had actually put weight on! HOW??? I have been sooooo good this week. With Ian being away, I hadn't been tempted by his meals and could please myself. I had managed a couple of runs and had a training session with Simone. How could I have put weight on? I quickly sent a FB message to Claire needing an answer to why this had happened. Claire re-assured me and put it down to water retention. I wasn't totally convinced and was very dis-hearted.
I have done Weight Watchers many times and know when I had a weight gain secretly why, even if I didn't want to admit to anyone, I knew that I hadn't counted everything or maybe had a few too many drinks, but this week I didn't get it. So, I decided to look at natural reasons your body may temporarily put weight on through no fault of your own.
  1. STRESS-if you are highly stressed you body goes into survival mode and store food and your metabolism slows down.Also, the body has certain foods which self calm the body. Naturally we will be drawn to these and over eat when we are stressed.
  2. MEDICATION-Certain medicines can cause you to add the pounds on. The reasons can vary dependant on the drug, it can vary from simply increasing your appetite to altering your insulin levels.
  3. EATING TOO LITTLE-If you eat too late over a period of time your metabolism will slow down, your body will go into starvation mode causing you to store food.
  4. LACK OF SLEEP-The less sleep you have the more your body craves food to give you energy.
  5. YOUR MONTHLY CYCLE-Your body can hold up to 7lbs of water the week before your period.
Scarlett was tired and a bit fed up during my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. There was a distinct lack of attendees, perhaps it was holiday season, or post holiday season and everyone was feeling guilty. My partner in crime, Jo, wasn't there either as it was her little boy's 4th birthday. I was very pleased when I was told that I had actually lost 1/2 pound. I still didn't understand why it wasn't more after my efforts, but better than a gain. I can't work out if my scales or wrong or my weight changed drastically over night. I am guessing it's the scales...

I am hoping that I will see the results of my good work in next week's weight in.


  1. Brilliant post - the lack of sleep thing is definitely something that affects my weight. It stops your metabolism from functioning properly and can make you crave sugar for energy.

    I really like your blog and your online boutique so I nominated you for a Liebster Award.

    Check out this post here :)

  2. Hello, thank you so much, that's really kind

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