From Heff to Hottie-The weigh in

Our weight watchers meeting

Jo and I made the first and most brave move. The first meeting and the first weigh in. ARRRRHHH! I had prepared myself by having a sneaky weigh in of my own that day. I had put on a few more pounds since my last Weight Watchers experience, but nothing horrendous. Still, it was always nasty to see those numbers pop up. I, ofcourse went for 3 wees before the weigh in, took my shoes off and any other item including heavy jewellery which may add that extra pound.
I was caught slightly off guard when Claire, my usual leader wasn't there, instead a man called Alan. It did feel slightly odd to be weighed by a man, but he was very kind and supportive. It was the first time Jo had ever attended anything like this, I think she expected a scene from the Fat Club in Little Britain. Although, I have to say, they do have some similarities:-) I think she enjoyed it all in all and seemed keen to start on her weigh loss journey. I think all of the points were a bit confusing to her, but I remember the first time I attended, it does take you a while to get your around it, now I am a pro and know the points of everything as soon as I look at it.  Now, all I need to do is stick to it!
I have stocked up on Weight Watchers crisps and choccy bars, which I love. They are great when I feel like I need something naughty. Now, I just need to get tracking!
My goal is 1 stone by 6th October which is 9 weeks away. All good so far, I have realised my weakness is picking at Scarlett's food! Saving my extra points for a few cheeky wines this weekend.
Let's see how we get on next week, will keep you posted!


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