My weightloss week

Hi, apologies for the delayed post this week. It has been, as ever, crazy busy. Also, as it has been bank holiday I wanted to spend some quality time with Scarlett. I feel guilty constantly working and now as she approaches the age of two, she needs more and more stimulus and needs alot of attention. We enjoyed lots of playtime in the sun!
At this week's weigh in I lost 1.5 pounds. Not bad. Claire told me that this was perfect weight loss, healthy and steady. I have been sticking to the program and running, so I don't think I could have actually lost any more unless I started to go below my Pro Points and in past experience that is the road to failure, as you just can't keep it off. So steady weight loss and not depriving myself works best. Also, I want to this to be part of my lifestyle. It would be pointless to reach my goal weight and pile it all back on.

I have upped my running this week and have done about 30K and an hour training session with Simone Sirmon. We did 30 mins of resistance training and 30 minutes with "the roller". I  asked her to do this as I seem to be hitting a bit of a wall when I run. I have extreme tension in my bum and thighs and it is resulting a bit of a sore knee. My mum bought me a roller as it is meant to "roll" out the pressure points. Simone showed me how to use it and when rolling on my thigh it was clear that something was not right. She explained that it was my it band. What is your it band I hear you say...

The iliotibial band is a  band of fascia on the outside of the knee, stretching all the way down the pelvis and thigh down to the knee. The constant rubbing of the band and the movement during running means that it can become inflamed and cause a sense of cramping in the buttocks/thigh and pain in the knee. I think that alot of this is caused by my poor stretching and maybe my style of running, but the roller literally can roll this band out. I am not an expert, but after just 30 minutes I could feel the difference. If you're interested I found a You Tube video which can show you a few exercises.

I managed a few 10k runs this weekend and just completed a great run tonight over Beacon Fell.
It was a beautiful evening, the sun had gone down and it was very quiet.This was my view this evening;
Beacon Fell

Yesterday we enjoyed a day at Stoney Hurst College. It was a bank holiday food festival. Oh no! what a place to go when you are on a diet! It was a hot day and the beer tents and food stalls were heaving and the smell of delicious food surrounded me. I tried my best to find a healthy choice. Ian and my mum and dad munched on burgers and steak sandwiches. I was sure that they would have some healthy option, but I really struggled. I ended up choosing a Pad Thai dish from a Thai stall. It looked healthy, a mixture of bean shoots, chicken and vegetables. To my horror when I looked it up in my "eating out guide" it said that it was 22 points! To be honest, I am not convinced, I cannot see where this would come from. I am sure that it was cooked in alot of oil, but 22 points? ...I really hope not! I steered clear of the beer tent and decided on a glass of Pimms with diet lemonade, 3 PP. I am a big wine lover, but know that it is heavy on the calories, so it made me think I will take a look for some low calorie alcoholic drinks and cocktails and maybe base my post on that next week.

A lovely sunny weekend had by all. I managed to enjoy myself and not go too crazy and get a few runs in too. Let's see what the scales say on Wednesday!


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