From Heff to Hottie-Under Pressure!

Jo and I turned up nice and early for our first official weight in to see how our first week went.
Normally before a weigh in I feel either nervous or excited, dependant on how "good" I had been during the week. I had a mixture of the two. I knew that I had been very disciplined, but I had been travelling half the week and therefore been eating out. So even though I thought I had been making healthy choices and counting my points correctly, you never really know what extra little calories may be hiding in there. I knew if I hadn't lost anything I would be really dis-heartened. Scarlett came along with me to the meeting as Ian had to work. I'm not sure if it's the fact that the meeting is set in a church and Scarlett already has strong opinions about religion or if she just finds a group of women chatting about weight loss and food dull, but she always mis-behaves as soon as we arrive. Tonight was no exception. She refused to walk, so I had to carry her (2stone 1lb, she insisted on getting weighed too) and do the usual sign in and buy weightwatchers treats. I had already got a sweat on and I hadn't even been weighed yet! I cautiously manuovered myself onto the scales, stepping very lightly as that may affect the weight loss. 2 and 1/2 lbs off, YEY! Fab, good news. Jo had lost an amazing 4lbs. So the first week a success!

I am already planning the coming week. I shouldn't need to travel anywhere, so can plan my meals a bit better. My top tip is stir fry, they fill you up and you get all your healthy veg, then you can spice it up a bit and add some meat or tuna, it is still a really filling low point meal.
I have the lovely Simone Sirmon  coming this weekend, she is my personal trainer. We train once a week in my front garden, which is great entertainment for the neighbours. She is working on getting my core tighter post baby and then my running is my cardio.

My goal is 2lb weight loss next week. I will keep you posted!


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