My Trafford Centre shopping day out

My shopping partner, Scarlett
My breakfast
My lovely husband left this morning for an early morning flight to Taiwan. I know it's a bit soppy, but I hate being away from him. We try to travel for our work together as much as possible (did I mention he's my boss?), but once every year he has to meet the chairman of the company in Taiwan. Now was the time. It would be extra hard this time as Scarlett is at a difficult age and needs constant attention and I need to work. I decided to take one day off and go shopping with my girl.
I stayed at Manchester airport last night with Ian so that I could see him off first thing, Scarlett stayed with my parents, they then met me with her at the Trafford Centre.
I did manage to steal a couple of hours on my own before they arrived which was strange, but nice. I sat in Pret and enjoyed a coffee and fruit for breakfast and actually read a book. Anyone who has a little one will know that reading a book is a real luxury. I enjoyed my few moments.
My shopping buddy soon arrived, armed with energy. We browsed from shop to shop, some parts were relaxing as she sat in her buggy and touched every item of clothing as she passed by, some times with sticky ice-cream hands which was slightly embarrassing and we had to move quickly on...other times were slightly more stressful as she insisted on running and screaming at the top of her voice through the busy crowds and I ran after her with beans of sweat on my brow.
We both managed to leave 7 hours later with plenty of treats. She insisted on a princess suitcase from the Disney Store, a pair of shiny red Next shoes and a cute pink jumper from Next with a fluffy bunny on the front. I also treated myself
Yellow clutch from Banana Republic
This beautiful yellow clutch from Banana Republic. This is a shop I have never really entertained, but as I had a bit of time I decided to browse and was happy with my findings! I just loved this clutch. I have no reason to buy it, I rarely go out anymore and I already have a huge collection, but I loved it, so it was bought!
My blue skirt

At the same time, I picked up this bright blue mini. I think it will be great for work, with a simple black shirt.
Hope earrings

My final purchase from Banana Republic were these cute hoop earrings. I just liked them and thought I would get alot of wear out of them.
Mango spotty dress
I fell in love with this Mango brown spotty dress. I like Mango, I think the style of Scarlett Fashion is similar to Mango. I think it attracts the same audience, yummy mummy's with style. This dress reminded me of the dress worn by Pretty Woman at the races. Very classy and timeless.

My dad bought me a mini bottle of Moet and told me to have a treat whilst Ian was away, which I thought was very sweet.

Despite missing Ian, I had a lovely day. I just hope the next week passes as quickly!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out :)

  2. I wore the spotty dress today:-)
    It was a lovely day, all girls together!


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