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I would like to thank Karen for having me on her blog today!  Our blogs couldn’t be more opposite (other than I sell some jewelry).  She writes about the most amazing fashion trends – clothing, shoes (oh…the wonderful shoes), and just everything that makes a fashionistas heart pitter patter.  I love to write about DIY and small businesses – being an entrepreneur is my passion.  However, today I’d like to share a little of my fashion (or lack-thereof) fun!
Oh fashion…how I love to hate you and hate to love you.  All my life the “model’s body” has eluded me.  Some may think it’s a blessing given that I ended up in the “well-endowed” category, but shopping for clothes simply stinks!  It’s hard to shop when you aren’t a model.
So, as a young teenager working in Charleston, SC {circa 1986} I jumped at the chance to participate in a small runway show for employees and press only.  The photos captured that day were used in the local newspaper to advertise the arrival of winter coats and jackets! In the dead of summer there I was modeling a winter coat!  

When my family moved back to Connecticut I started working at Filene’s (bought out years later by Macy’s, I believe) I spent a total of 7 years there, but the summer of 1989 I was given the opportunity to participate in their teen focus group which also gave us opportunities to model.  I had fun participating in a few mannequin modeling gigs where I was able to wear my favourite Esprit outfits and stand in the junior department pretending to be a model.  Do you know how hard it is to stand still while people are staring at you and trying to decide if you are real or not?  Or how hard it is to ignore a group of cute teenage boys staring at you and talking about you?  I admit, I came out of character when one boy hit me on the butt just to check to see if I really was a mannequin.
That same summer I agreed to do a little runway modeling in the mall.  They set up a runway just outside Filene’s and we were all given a few outfits to show off down the runway.  I have zero idea how and why I said “yes” to wearing a swimsuit.  Looking back at those photos I am amazed at the confidence that was shining through.  I like to think I’ve always been confident, but I haven’t really been that way when it comes to my body (in clothes).

My modeling days were short-lived (unless you count the times I modeled nude for my friend’s art studio and a local college – sorry can’t share those pictures online).  I had a lot of fun and I’d surely do it again if a 5’1 ½” size 14 were all the rage in the fashion world!  Thank goodness for headshots – where anyone can look beautiful!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me...this was super fun!

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Heather! I would LOVE to see a size 14 be the ideal fashionable size, but alas, we get to create our own star looks. I think it's wonderful that you were confident, and a risk-taker, in your teens (when so many of us shrink into shells of self-esteem issues and shyness). Clearly, you rocked it!

    And thanks to both of you for joining us for the Guest Post Swap, and opening up on your posts to share personal stuff.


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