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I think there there comes a time with most things in life when you start to get a little bored. It could be a job, a relationship or a hobby. Its been going on for a while and you ask "is this for me?" It's the same with blogging. I know that I have certainly gone through periods where the thought of blogging is not appealing. My mojo has left the building, got in a taxi and gone on holiday. Well, I am pleased to say that it has come back from it's jollies, had a well earned rest and feeling much sprightlier now.

I know that there are many posts about, "what to do when you hit a blogging wall". I have read many myself, many blogs give great tips on how to re motivate yourself. I think helpful hints are fab, but I think you need to find your own carrot to drive you on. This happened for me last week when Scarlett was playing with her little buddy, Lucy. I took a few pictures as they were playing so sweetly together. The pictures turned out great, then I had a little play with them on Adobe light room an editor which Ian actually installed as he loves taking pictures. I just played with the functions and I am very sure there is so much more the software can offer me, but I was really happy with the results. I then treated myself to this new piece of kit, it is Wacom sketch pen it is a gadget.

Wacom sketch pad & pen

 Basically it has a pen function which allows you to easily write on photos in your own handwriting or easily illustrate things, just to add that personal touch to your blog. It is a toy, I know that, but I love to mess around with quirky new discoveries and this is what has inspired me to get taking pictures, playing around with my blog and generally get a bit more creative.
I am also looking to guest post. Please inbox me on if you would like me to contribute!


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