These boots were made for walking


Isn't it funny how the simple things make you feel different. A new hairstyle, a new lipstick, a new pair of shoes?
So this is just a fun post looking at how some of my favourite shoes bring out a different side to me.

The cowboy boots

How could you not love these bad boys? I bought them from in London. I was going through a "wanting to be a cowgirl" phase at the time. I do find them very funky and super comfy. I tend to wear them with skinny jeans or dresses. I do like feeling slightly cowgirl ish in these boots in a dress and a cropped denim jacket:-) I feel funky in these, but I can't say all that feminine. The boots are long and I feel like I have boats attached to my feet. However, these beautiful creatures makes me feel super girly...

The Dorothy shoes

These Michael Kors beauts were a birthday pressie from my mum and dad. I just love red shoes! I just want to click my heels together!
My legs feel long in the extremely high wedges. My feet feel oh so pretty in these shoes ***warning nail polish must be warn with these shoes*** I feel all woman!

The plain Jane shoes

OK, so they're not that exciting, but like all things in life, you need a bit of boring sometimes. And these shoes are just that. Quite dull, but I think at the same time pretty, easy to wear, neutral colour and go with anything. I feel like the girl next door.


  1. Those red shoes are my favourite! And yes shoes should be made for walk!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. Ha ha, the red ones are my favourite too, but they are quite high and I actually had a bad Accident in them! X

  3. Those red shoes! They're incredible! I love reading about shoes so much, haha.

    Raissa |


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