Fashion for mother and daughters

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Fashion for Mother-Daughter Dates

The bond between mother and daughter is incomparable to any other relationship. The combination of similarities and shared goals between mother and daughter create a relationship that is irreplaceable and unbreakable. You will know better than anyone the exact emotions and struggles that your daughter will deal with, so you can be the one to best prepare her with the knowledge and tools she needs.
Mother-daughter dates are not only a great way to relax and spend time together, they are also great for creating learning opportunities for your daughter. You will be able to teach your daughter new things and learn more about her, and vice versa. Therefore, mother-daughter dates are essential for maintaining your relationship throughout your lives. Because there are so many fashion rules and guidelines for us all to follow, mother-daughter dates are a great way to show each other the ropes. Here are some great ideas for fashion on mother-daughter dates.

A mother-daughter fashion show

Test out your designer skills and unlock your daughter’s imagination with a mother-daughter fashion show. You can keep it simple by designing outfits from what you both already have in your closets to create beautiful, unique and outrageous outfits. You can take it even further and branch out, inviting other mum's and daughter to your fashion show. Have everyone prepare a few outfits and build a fabulous catwalk that everyone can walk down to show off their original looks. This is a fun way to think outside the box and learn more about each other’s fashion sense.

A mother daughter bra fitting

If your daughter is a little older, she is in need of some guidance during that difficult transitional time in her life. You can help ease her into womanhood by taking her for a professional bra fitting. She will learn the basics about designer bras and learn how to best fit her body. If she is not yet ready for a public outing to buy bras, you can use a bra fitting app and order bras on line to create a less intimidating experience for your daughter.

A mother-daughter back-to-school shopping date

Everyone needs to go back to school shopping, time to replace last year’s clothes and get a new look for your ever-changing and growing little girl. This can be a great way to get away with your daughter and spend some quality time before she gets overwhelmed with all the tasks of school. Spend some time shopping with your daughter and deciding what her goals can be for this new school year. She will become more focused and determined and be able to have the confidence to meet and exceed her goals.

A mother-daughter thrift store date

This is a new, growingly popular option for your college age daughter, but it can be a fun option at any age. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobes, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, a mother-daughter trip to the thrift store might be the best option for you. You can dig for those few and far between finds that will add life to your closet or you can just build silly outfits with outdated clothes.


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