How to be a stylish back packer

This week has been like a scene from "Planes, trains and automobiles". I feel like I have been on every form of transport. I had a meeting in Holland, so travelled over to Amsterdam and stayed there over night. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the sights and as amazing as Amsterdam is, it is not the kind of place that you want to go out at night on your own. So I sat in the hotel bar with a glass of vino and catch up on work and read of few of my favourite blogs (a real rarity with a two year old!).
Although I did have this view in the morning

Sorry, super crappy picture taken from my broken phone. I guess I generally don't think that there are going to be many photo opportunities when I'm away with work!
I got on the train to Apeldorn, it was the Amsterdam to Berlin train. Oh wow, I felt old. I mean like really old. I guess it's one of the first times in my life that my age occurred to me. OK, I'm not saying that I'm old by any stretch of the imagination, but I am no longer a "youth". This sad reality dawned on me as I sat on an extremely crowded train of back packers. They were all Inter-railing over the summer. The carriage was a wash of back packs. Although I have never actually "backpacked" (I like clean clothes too much and a single ruck sack is way too restrictive for my wardrobe!) but I have travelled quite a bit. When I was 20 I worked at a youth hostel in the South of France and met backpackers every day. I always felt one of them. Until today, when I realised I was the "woman" with a real job. I know it sounds funny, but I think I always felt connected to these young travellers as that is what I loved to do and adored meeting new people and having that first "tell me about yourself conversation". I sat amongst the young, excited travellers and it did make me chuckle at how they all spoke. It was as if they were the first people to ever do this. That they were super special and oh so unique. I over heard one girl saying "I've done Scandy", referring to the fact she had travelled around Scandinavia. Oh wow, was I like that? I think I probably was!
It led me to think how you manage to fit everything you need for months on end into a little back pack? What kind of wardrobe would you need?

  • Denim shorts are a stable. They are easy, don't wear out, comfortable, cool, stylish, don't get dirty that easily!...the list goes on. They are simply a MUST for every stylish back packer.
  • Sun glasses. You're going to hit some hot weather around Europe in the summer. Not only do sun glasses protect your eyes, it adds an instant stylish look and hides bags, shadows or pretty much any evidence of what went on the night before.
  • Stylish sandals. Stylish has to be considered, BUT this is the one item that comfort has to take over from style. Un-comfortable shoes is an absolute NO NO when travelling with a heavy back pack.
  • Vests. They easy, cheap, cool, they go with anything, easy to wash, easy to sling on...just easy in general.
  • A maxi dress. There will be the odd occasion when you want to feel like a girl and wear a dress. A maxi is stylish, keeps you cool, gives that stylish boohoo look and only needs a pair of flip-flops. 
  • Finally a good sun cream. I cannot recommend enough a factor 50 BB cream I found by Ambre Solaire .It is amazing, not only does it give a fantastic colour, it works as a great sun cream with SPF 30 or 50. I have used this all summer!

Being a back packer is now just a distant memory. I can't say that I am longing to do it, I am more than happy with my life now, but seeing these back packers did bring back some very fond memories.


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