We sell on ASOS Marketplace

Scarlett Fashion for ASOS Marketplace
Watch out Asos...we're here!!!
It has taken us some time, but we are finally selling on Asos Marketplace  Asos have very strict guidelines, particularly in terms of photography, which is a good thing as it means any old corner shop selling tatty goods can't just rock up and sell on the site. They like to have quality boutiques and quality brands.

It has taken us a couple of photo shoots to get all the pictures together, but we were finally ready to launch this week and what a success already. Our orders have already been shipped around the world, which is so so exciting!

We have had two fun filled days taking the pictures, one of which was unfortunately a wash out, it rained and rained and the other I think the hottest day of the year. Here are a few of the great snaps that we got...you may have seen some of them floating around on Facebook already;

The lovely Jess

I even did a bit of modelling myself!
I really love Asos Marketplace. It is such a good way for boutiques and aspiring designers to get noticed and  great way for people to discover them. The high Street and the "on-line high Street" tend to be dominated by the same brands. There are so many great little designers and quirky boutiques that simply never get a look in. We sell on line through our own website, but it is hard to compete against the large companies with massive marketing budgets. Asos marketplace is a win win for everyone in my opinion.

I'd love it if you check out our page and even give us a like!


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