My week

A bit of a lazy post today. I stayed up a bit to late last night. Ian and I watched a film, drank way too much wine and listened to some music, well actually we had a bit of a dance. It is great that we still just love each others company and can turn any night into a party night, but it was pay back today. Not only did Scarlett wake up at the crack of dawn, which is really not like her, but we also had a 5th Dinosaur themed birthday party to go to. It was a great party, the kids just loved it, but quite tough when you've only had a few hours sleep and WAY too much to drink! Ha ha my own fault I guess. So, a gentle post was in order which was a quick summary of my week in pictures.
It has been  reasonably chilled week in terms of how my life is at the moment. No over seas trips. Which was great. We have started to get the new Sugarhill AW14 collections in. It is soooo exciting when new stock arrives. I tend to order the collections a good 6-10 months before, so by the time it arrives I have totally forgotten what I have ordered so it is always a nice surprise. I will post all of the new seasons favourites in the very near future when everything is here.
Scarlett joined me in a bit of girly pampering and had her first "twinkle toes" experience. I did say no to begin with, but she begged me for the pink sparkly polish and I couldn't resist! It did look super cute.
Early night for me tonight so that I can wake up with my fresh head on and go for a nice long run.


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