I've got the BUGG

Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Ian and I had a night away baby free. I love being with Scarlett, but the thought of spending an evening with hubby and have a fun night out without waiting for the 4am call and the excitement of having a lie in was very appealing. We managed to get tickets for Jake Bugg in Blackpool. We were able to combine this without a work appointment so it worked out nicely.

What I wore

I have certainly had my money's worth with this dress. I fell in love with it when I saw it in Selfridges, Manchester, but it wasn't my size. When I got home I tried to order it online, sold out. I then called every women's clothes department of Selfridges in the country and finally managed to track one down in my size in London. I was so happy and impressed with my tendentiousness, if only I was that determined with everything I did! The dress is by http://stylestalker.com/, they are based in Australia, but do sell from a few outlets in the UK. I have a few bits from Style Stalker, I like the cut of their clothes, but some are a little too daring for me! This dress is silk with a Chinese style pattern, the dress is actually called The Shanghai Dress. I loved the shift style with elegant long sleeves. I teamed it up with a Mango necklace and some earrings that I treated myself to from Selfridges, but I really can't remember the brand. I wore a bright Lancome lipstick to keep with the China doll look.

The concert was amazing. I would even say one of the best I have ever been too. The venture is one of my favourites. The Winter Gardens in Blackpool has such an intimate feel to it, it is easy to buy a drink and you can really have a relaxed night without the feeling of being in an atmosphere less arena. The crowd were a mixture of Oasis/Stone Roses/Bob Dylan fans. There was certainly an indie vibe. I would very much recommend seeing Jake Bugg if you get the chance.


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