Guest Post- What to wear on Christmas day

 I was approached by the lovely Chelsea to write a guest blog on Christmas day fashion...enjoy:-)
What to wear on Christmas day…

With less than 6 weeks till Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on the big day. If, like me, your Christmas days contain so much and so many family members, you can feel a pressure to make sure your outfit versatile. Well worry no longer as I’m going to talk you through what to wear for every type of Christmas.

I’m a firm believer in the party dress and throughout the Christmas season, I go through quite a few dresses. It’s my bank account’s worst time of year… from shopping for Christmas gifts to kitting myself in Christmas jumpers, winter boots and glamorous dresses. As a bit of a shopaholic, I consider myself qualified to give you tips on what to wear for the most magical day of the year. Oh yes… as well as a shopaholic, I love Christmas!

Spending Christmas with your extended family.

Most people spend Christmas with their own family, inviting round the aunties, uncles, grandparents; is a large extended family affair. I love these types of Christmases’, the board games, the big dinners, the squabbling over silly things, the alcohol flowing… it’s always fun. However when the grandma comes around, the party dresses get put away and the Christmas jumpers come out. To be honest, this is what I love. I love being in my comfy skinny jeans with woolly bed socks and a cute, slightly cringey Christmas jumper. This type of attire keeps gran happy (she’s not worried about you getting cold), its cosy and it's a cute family outfit. Style up casual this Christmas and embrace the Christmas jumper.

Spending Christmas with the boyfriend’s family

This is not something you want to get wrong, especially if it’s early days. I’d opt for a part dress but choose wisely, you’re not going out with the girls. Try a ¾ length sleeve skater dress. You can pair this with tights and heels or boots. It’s versatile, glam and is covered up enough to make the right impresses with the future mother in law. I love dressing like this, it’s glam but the tights bring it down to earth so you look effortlessly gorgeous. The boyfriend will love it too.
This is also the perfect outfit choice for if you’re going out for your Christmas dinner too.

Romantic Christmas getaway.

The daytime is up to you. When you’re on a romantic getaway for Christmas, people get up at different times, some like to spend their day in bed and others like to go out and do things. The day wear is really based on your personality but for the evening… dress to impress! Think sequins, lace, and metallics… all the season’s party dress materials. Dazzle for your partner and make an effort.
If you’re going out with the girls on the evening, follow a similar dress code and glam up in this season’s finest dresses. There are lots of cute styles out there in shops and with November, December, January comprising party season, it’s time to treat yourself.


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