Yumi's Aztec Print Jumper

A hug in a jumper

I am not really a massive fan of jumpers. I obviously wear them in the winter, but for me I prefer items that are a little more fitted. However, I found the ultimate hug in a jumper

Scarlett and I took a trip out today to feed the ducks. The weather was cold and damp, it was definitely the day to try out the snug, cosy knitwear. This Yumi Aztec Print jumper was just the ticket. I wanted to keep hugging myself. The material is super soft, like a big, fluffy rug by the fire. It's over size was comforting and snuggly. The quality was always with Yumi, excellent. The pattern is quite different to something I would normally choose, but it reminds me of a Swedish Christmas scene. I felt like I should have been feeding my reindeer's.

I have certainly found the ultimate hug in a jumper!


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