What is my style? Inside my wardrobe

My Wardrobe
 As I talk about clothes and fashion every day, I thought that it only right that I introduce you to my wardrobe. This is our spare room that Ian kindly turned into a walk in wardrobe. I imagined Carrie's walk in wardrobe in the film "Sexy and the City", OK it's not quite like that, but it's my little haven. Ian built the open wardrobe in wood, with shoe space and special lights inside the wardrobe, so you can clearly see what you are picking!

I'm not sure how you would define my style. My clothes are a real eclectic mix. I do have expensive taste, particularly in shoes, but I am happy to buy from Primark, I buy what I like. I do have a bit of a thing of designer shoes I must admit. It's a waste of money, I know, but some how they excite me. I'm just a girl at the end of the day. Here are a few of my favourite shoes:

I love to look at these metallic, criss cross super high party shoes, but rarely wear them. I bought these when I was pregnant thinking that it would be a great post pregnancy treat, but the reality is that they are a little high and not that easy to walk around it. They are so pretty that I can't bring myself to sell them, so I just look at these alot:-)

These are certainly the most used of my "expensive shoes". They are are simple, pointy toes, patent leather stilettos. They are a firm wardrobe essential. They just go with everything; jeans, work wear, evening wear, I have certainly got my wear out of them!

These cream, strappy, patent leather Louboutins were my mother's day present last year. I was very spoilt. The heels are super skinny, but they are surprisingly comfortable! It just drives me crazy how the red soles rub off so easily!

Finally, these red, ankle, tie up shoes are just sexy! I really like to wear these with jeans, just to really dress an outfit up:-)
Sign on the front of my dressing room door

...see part 2 tomorrow with some of my favourite dresses!


  1. I love it...insanely jealous right now! xx

    1. Ha ha don't be, I rarely get to go out to wear them! x

  2. i did not like last shoe design. basically i did not like zip on black. otherwise its look great.

    Best Regards
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  3. I love it. it is so amazing

    Best Regards


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